Pretty Brave Roundabout Clutch

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Pretty Brave Roundabout Clutch

When i was pregnant with my first child, i was all about the nappy bag, you know the one, the bag that had to hold EVERYTHING. Once my first born arrived i soon began to realise how unrealistic it was to lug around this enormous, overfilled bag, filled with items we never needed on a day to day basis. 

Second time around, i was all about the minimalist approach. Quick, simple and easy. Only taking what we needed for quick outings. Enter the Pretty Brave Roundabout Clutch. 

Pretty Brave Roundabout Clutch | Minimacko

Combining designer fashion with convenance and ease, this organic nappy change mat/carry clutch combines all the features needed to get you out and about without dragging out that dreaded oversized nappy bag. 

 Pretty Brave Leopard Spots Clutch

Large enough to fit a nappy or two for each of my boys, the detachable mesh pouch with pockets, designed to hold 1-2 nappies and a standard wipes case 


The Clutch Opens to a 62cm diameter, padded change mat, the mesh pouch can be detached for a stand alone playmat. The folded clutch measures 16cm x 28cm and is entirely baby-safe, free from harmful chemicals

Pretty Brave Roundabout Clutch | minimacko

There is also a handy external zip pocket, perfect for that small bottle of nappy rash cream

Pretty Brave Wild Spots Roundabout Clutch | Minimacko Pretty Brave Leopard Spots roundabout clutch | Minimacko 

Minimalist and Monochrome, perfectly unisex and suitable to match any outfit or slip into your handbag. There are two modern designs to choose from: Leopard Print and Wild Spots. 


The Pretty Brave Roundabout clutch is the perfect gift for a mum to be - or even a mum doing it second time round that wants to lose the clutter! 


You can shop the Pretty Brave range HERE. 

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