Christmas Nativity Set

Nov 19 2015 0 Comments

Whether purchased as a set or added to year by year, the Ostheimer nativity will become a beloved holiday feature in your home. And, being carved on the same scale as the other Ostheimer figures, you can add whatever other animals and people strike your fancy!

Ostheimer Nativity Set - Wooden Toy

Shop the Ostheimer wooden nativity - Holy Family set of 5 HERE

Ostheimer's handcrafted wooden figures have been loved by children and their parents for more than fifty years, and the collection of toys continues to expand! We know of few toys that have so great an ability to engage and encourage a child's imagination. 

"If we give [children] the space to use their imaginations while still children, they will be able to deal much more creatively with the reality that surrounds them -- more creatively than if from the outset they live in a world of toys that provide them everything in perfect detail." 

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