OYOY Living Design - Adventure Rug

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OYOY Living Design - Adventure Rug

Order the OYOY Adventure Rug HERE
Let imaginations run wild with the Adventure Rug by OYOY Living Design!  
This minimalist design is not only great for kids to play on, but will look sensational in any room!
Size L 180 x W 70 cm Material: 100% Cotton, Woven and Hand printed
The rug is taking kids decor by storm at the moment with it's on trend design. 

Photo Credit: @shellbell975


Shop the OYOY Adventure Rug HERE

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  • Our favourite indoor activity is reading books of course. Books can take our imaginations around the world and beyond!

    Janey on
  • We love to play tent! We don’t have a tepee so we build our tent with blankets and sheets :) we love to play puzzles, read books, and of course… Sing and dance! Once my baby girl is tired from all the dancing, she’ll play with her truck or try on everyone’s shoes. Every day is an adventure! :)

    Valentina Wahyu on
  • My two minis love playing indoor and out! Favourite inside activities include: building zoo’s, reading books, making pizza, scooter races down the hallway (don’t tell my husband) playing with cars, trains and barbies!

    Kathleen on
  • Me and my son Rover love to go on adventure! We take out our cars and wild animals and imagine we are in a land far far away. How more exciting this game would be if we actually had this great OYOY rug. Our adventures would really come tot life!

    Wendy & Rover on
  • I luv playing playdoh with the kids, making shapes and pretend food. Also colouring and drawing. Tea parties and shopping with things from the pantry as items for the shop. :)

    Anne Bull on

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